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Honoring Nurses – Candace Hineman, LPN

In honor of Nurses Week, Grane Hospice would like to showcase the hard-working individuals and their passion behind the profession.

Candace Hineman, LPN

Compassion: What made you become to nurse?  Is there a defining moment, or does the passion derive from a born desire to help people? 

I wanted to further my education and do something in my career that is challenging, caring, giving, and makes a difference in people’s lives daily. In the skill of nursing, you deal with many aspects of patient care and I enjoy that  variety in the routine. Specifically, I enjoy interacting with patients and their families and helping them through what is often a difficult time for them. This feeling is extremely satisfying for me.

I love what I do. It brings me comfort and happiness knowing that I have had a direct impact in someone else’s care, whether it be comfort at end of life, or just being able to hold their hand as they take their last breath. Ensuring that not only the patient be as comfortable as possible, but also being able to comfort the families is just as important. A person’s quality of life is of much value and deserves dignity and respect in their final days.

Families will always remember how their loved ones have passed. If they were comfortable? Were they peaceful? Each family that I have had the privilege to meet and cross paths with will have a special place in my heart, many families at times don’t get to see the things that I do when I am with their loved ones and for that, I am the lucky one.

Expertise: Is there something you specialize in as a nurse?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has always been an area of nursing that I thoroughly enjoy. Getting to know
those of my patients with Dementia/Alzheimer’s, I am given the opportunity to be introduced to a person that their families don’t see. Every day is a new day to them, and even though they will never remember who I am long-term, I am able to make that moment meaningful to them. 

My specialty is hospice care. It is the most rewarding to me, having the opportunity to provide care, comfort and support to my patients, to give emotional support to the families, and just being there during their time of need is what makes my heart full and reminds me of why I am here.


Trust: What does trust mean to you? 

Trust is a combination of communication, comfort, peace of mind, confidence, and knowing no matter what, someone else has your best interest at heart.

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