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Bereavement Program

Our bereavement program that offers unlimited bereavement support and services to family members of patients and all those affected by the grieving process.

Support When You Need it the Most

Grane Hospice provides an organized bereavement program supervised by a qualified bereavement coordinator. Grane offers unlimited bereavement support and services to all of our patient’s families, caregivers, loved ones, and community members that include staff and residents we work with. Bereavement support starts at the time of patient admission and is offered for at least 13 months following the time of death. However, bereavement support can last as long as someone needs it; we do not limit the time or amount of support offered. We assess bereavement needs and risk levels to develop individualized plans of care for all individuals who request bereavement services. The support and services we offer include, but are not limited to: phone calls, visits, grief-related education, mailings, support groups, memorial services, and outside referrals to appropriate agencies.

Annual Memorial Service

Additionally, Grane Hospice hosts an annual memorial service to honor and remember all of our patients who have passed. All families, loved ones, caregivers, and Grane Hospice team members are invited to attend. This service is a celebration of remembrance and hope, a time of fellowship and a time of healing.

Grane Hospice offers support groups for our families and loved ones as well as for the community. The support groups may be held in several different facilities/locations, as well as in our offices. We also offer and host educational programs on grief and loss.

Dedicated and Experienced

The bereavement program at Grane Hospice is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team, setting us apart from other agencies. We employ an entire team of dedicated bereavement staff who work closely with other disciplines to provide each family the unique support they need on their grief journey. People grieve in many different ways and need many different forms of support. At Grane, we go above & beyond to give each person the individualized support they deserve, meeting them where they are.

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