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Some Words of Enlightenment

The following words of advice are from a recent class hosted by a Yale professor:

  • Your success during this time depends on your expectations.  Remind yourself to be patient: with yourself, others and the situation.  You cannot change it.
  • Double-down on the good things.  Focus on the positive and good things that are happening in your day/life and focus on them. For example, perhaps you have more time to exercise, or read, start a new hobby. Enjoy the nice days when we get them.  You have more time to focus on your patients or family. 
  • Give yourself rules if something makes you anxious.  If you are closely following all of the updates on the pandemic, turn off social media after 8 pm so you can relax. 

The Best Ways to Support Healthcare Workers: 

Refocus – Protect your own mental health needs, especially if you are a healthcare worker. Pay attention to your anxiety and stress. Stop and take 3 deep breaths. It is ok to stop and refocus on yourself.

Reframe what you are doing in the most positive way possible. You are helping others. 

Meditation helps reduce burnout. The apps “Meditation” and “Calm”, both free in the App Store, are a few examples. 

Promotes – May you be happy, may you be healthy.

For those alone in social isolation – How to stay positive:

  • Being physicially isolated from others does not mean you are alone. Reach out to friends and family by video conference. Host a Zoom dinner with your loved ones, or do a free yoga workout with your friends through Facetime.
  • Alternatively, try to embrace this new-founded quiet time. Allow this time to recharge you. 
  • You may have more time on your hands than you are used to. Use this time to form new behaviors or good habits. You can be as creative as you want. The sooner you start a new routine, the more likely you will stick to it later.

For those who have children:

If social distancing orders are becoming emotionally overwhelming to kids:

  • Validate their feelings.
  • Keeping a consistent schedule is very important. Maintaining some type of normalcy may help.
  • Schedule play dates over video conferencing. 
  • Look for positive stories. Expose them to positive infuencers (Mr. Rogers)
  • You are also a huge influence. Modify your behaviors and actions in a positive way to set this precedence.

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