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To the Front Line Workers

Even though we are in an unprecedented time, it is impossible for daily necessities come to a complete stop. Our front line workers, specifically doctors, nurses, and field staff, are in the field providing the highest quality of care possible. Showing your support for these brave professionals can truly make a difference.

In Barbara Karnes’ recent post, she gives her sentiment to the workers:

Ode to Front Line Workers

 We are single and have been alone in our apartment for nearly 7 weeks.     

We are young parents, fearful of endangering our children and/or non-essential working spouses.   

 We are grandparents who haven’t held our grandbabies in over a month.     

We are trying to manage our workload and our family life 24/7, including our children’s educational needs.     

We have lost family members and haven’t been able to honor or bury them properly.   

 We have out-of-town family members ill with COVID-19.   

 We are leaders who pride ourselves on providing a calm and controlled environment.     

We are anxious individuals who thrive on the routine and structure of the workplace.     

We are huggers and touchers.     

We are extroverts.

Read more of Barbara Karnes’ post here:

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