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Meet Grane Hospice Volunteer: Vicki

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Why I Volunteer


Back in 2011 I was pursuing various volunteer opportunities so when I retired from full time work, I could touch other people’s lives with what I was passionate about and honor God with the gifts He has given me to make a difference in my small part of the world. I came across an ad from Volunteer Match from Grane Hospice needing people to create Memory Bears for survivors of loved ones who have passed. Being that I had a sewing machine and have also been passionate about arts and crafts, I answered the call.


Answering that call has been the best decision I have ever made! I have raised a family and worked various different unfulfilling, unrewarding jobs outside my home; but the three things in my life that are the most important to me is serving my God, my family and the people I touch through the three hospices I volunteer for.


I lost my maternal grandmother when I was 15 years old. She was a very special part of my life. She died suddenly and I took that loss very hard. I know what grieving is like, and I put everything I have into creating the Memory Bears so the people I serve will have something to cherish of their lost loved one. And, I pray in the process for these people who are grieving. To me, it is a ministry; and if I can show the love of Jesus to just one person, that’s a plus! I retired in October 2018 so this is now my work – work that is really not work – but a work of love.



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