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Meet Director of Bereavement Services: Stacey Marie Beck

Director of Bereavement Services, Stacey Marie Beck Shares Her Story…

Not too many people can say that they love their job and love the team of people they work with.  I am one of the fortunate few.  I am able to not only say this but truly mean it.  People outside of the Hospice world are always shocked to hear me say that I love my job as Director of Bereavement Services for Grane Hospice.  The questions are always the same: “Isn’t that so sad?” “Isn’t that too difficult and challenging?”  My response is also always the same: “It can be very difficult, very challenging and very sad, but to have the ability and opportunity to help people through their most difficult times is truly a rewarding gift.” I go on to say, “Also, I work with the most amazing team of people and for a company that truly cares for their patients, families of patients, employees and community, and that too is a rare gift”. 

I have worked for other Hospices and can honestly say that Grane is simply the best.  Grane allows us the time and resources we need to go above and beyond and make our programs unique while providing as much individually tailored care and support to the families that they need.  I’ve seen many hospices treat the bereavement program as an afterthought, something that not too much time, effort or resources is put into.  I have never felt that at Grane.  We have a dedicated team of Bereavement professionals. 

I have been with Grane Hospice since we opened our Harrisburg office in 2010.  I plan on retiring from Grane (someday in the far, far distant future haha).  I believe that it would be impossible to find an organization that cares more about their patients, families and employees as Grane does.  I love being a part of an amazing hospice care team.  It’s been an honor and a privilege in assisting in the development of the Bereavement Programs in the Harrisburg, York and KOP offices.

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