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Volunteers Week: Veterans and Bereavement Support

Honoring Hospice Volunteers during National Volunteers Appreciaton Week

April 18th – 24th, 2021

Hospice Veterans and Specialized Support

Grane Hospice is a proud partner of the We Honors Veterans Program, which provides specialized care and honor those who have served that have reached end of life. To show gratitude to this patient population, Grane Hospice provides pinning ceremonies to publicly acknowledge the military service and sacrifices made by the Veteran and his or her family. During the ceremony, our chaplains honor the Veteran with a branch-specific pin, a footlocker, and a certificate. In the meantime, stories are also shared surrounded by family and friends.  Our Veteran volunteers also assist with these ceremonies and our volunteers make the footlockers. The footlockers are specific to the military branch in which they served. 

As mentioned, there are also Veteran volunteers who visit with the Veteran patients. Veteran volunteers have the unique ability to relate to the Veteran patient, therefore, creating an environment in which life review and healing can take place. During these visits, both parties are able to talk about their experiences with someone who has an understanding and knowledge. At times, this is the  first time a person shares their experience knowing they are in a safe environment. 

Volunteers also honor our Veteran patients during Veterans Day by visiting them, listening to their stories, and thanking them for their service and sacrifice. 

We are lucky to have our volunteer staff!

Volunteer Glenn

Glenn retired in 2018 after having worked for Dollar Bank for 46 years. At his retirement he was Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He has always enjoyed woodworking of all kinds and is happy to be able to work on the memory boxes for Grane Hospice. Both he and his wife of 48 years, Janice, enjoy the “scent” of newly stained and varnished wood.

Volunteer Janice

Janice suffers from a debilitating lung disease which limits her physical activity. This does not stop her, however; she now looks for projects such as working on holiday cards and making fidgit aprons that exactly fill the bill. She especially loves making the holiday cards. Both the fidgit aprons and the holiday cards highlight her creative side. She is happy to be a Grane volunteer!

Support for Bereavement

In addition to the hospice bereavement staff, bereavement volunteers offer an extra hand to help the families grieve the loss of loved ones.  Our bereavement volunteers show their support by making memory bears, memory pillows, and memory boxes; items that families request in honor of their loved ones.  During memorial services, volunteers also sing or playing an instrument.  Interns also help the bereavement team through in person meetings and phone calls. 

Want to join our volunteer team? Visit our Volunteers page for more information and how to apply.

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