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Volunteers Week: Crafting Activities

Honoring Hospice Volunteers during National Volunteers Appreciaton Week

April 18th – 24th, 2021

Hospice Crafting Activities

Our volunteers help our patients be more comfortable by making a variety of items. Each patient has a supply of items ready for them in addition to any specific requests. These items include adult clothing protectors, neck pillows, hand pillows, foley catheter covers, wheelchair bags, twiddlemuffs, fidget aprons, blankets and shawls.

Over the past year, our volunteers made face masks a priority, creating hundreds of cloth masks to provide patients, families, and staff. In addition, Grane Hospice created the felt hearts project for patients and their caregivers; each patient and caregiver were given a felt heart as a memento to keep those in mind who were not able to be together. 

Not only do we have volunteers who make things so our patients can be more comfortable, we also have volunteers who make things so they know they are loved and kept in their thoughts. As part of the Angel Hugs program, we have a group who make cards for every holiday, and in the last year, make cards, holiday crafts, and pictures to hang on patients’ walls.

Want to join our volunteer team? Visit our Volunteers page for more information and how to apply.

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