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Dear Caregiver,

As the caregiver of someone with a terminal illness, you have spent days, months, or even years seeking out resources and researching treatment options in the hopes of extending their life. So it is understandable that when you think of choosing hospice, you worry that it means you are giving up. That you are choosing death. However, we are here to tell you- that is not the case. When you choose hospice, you are not choosing death. You are choosing to give your loved one the chance to live life to the fullest.

It can be difficult to cope with the thought of switching the focus from trying to fight a disease to trying to keep them comfortable as they face their end-of-life journey. So try to think of it as switching the focus from quantity to quality. In choosing hospice, you will be choosing to focus on giving your loved one the best quality of life possible. Hospital stays and treatments can be exhausting, and hospice gives them a chance to rest. It also gives you a chance to rest and find peace in knowing your loved one is comfortable.

Yours truly,

Grane Hospice Care

In the video below,  Dr. Laura Mantine gives a brief overview of hospice care.

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