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National Compliment Day

"I can live for months on a good compliment."

Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Sometimes a kind word is all someone needs to make a tough day better.


In fact, a 2012 Forbes study concluded that a compliment serves as a social reward that activates the same part of the brain as when a person is rewarded cash.


In the study, participants were asked to perform a specific finger pattern on a keyboard as fast as they could. The participants were separated into three groups- one in which participants were complimented individually by an evaluator; another in which individuals watched another participant receive a compliment; and a third in which individuals evaluated their own performance on a graph. The next day, those in the group who received direct compliments from an evaluator performed significantly better than those from the other groups.

This just goes to show that compliments not only make people feel better, but they also help people to do better. So on January 24, let’s all celebrate National Compliment Day and pay someone a compliment. It could make their day!

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