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Meet Grane Hospice Volunteer: Lynette

I began my journey with Grane Hospice in October 2019.  I was motivated by a calling to help others and by witnessing a strong, compassionate group of hospice workers help walk my dear friend Natalie home in November 2018.   Despite my drive to help, my concern was wondering if I would know what to say or how to act when I would be volunteering.  How would I be able to make a positive impact during a time that can be so delicate for the patient as well as the family?  As a Christian, I prayed to God for guidance.


I was fortunate to be connected with Grane Hospice and even more so, to have Jess Charles as the volunteer coordinator.   With training and an unending supply of support, I have all of the tools I need to help some beautiful souls.   I discovered that being a hospice volunteer is simply being a good friend.  I watch game shows and eat cookies (if no dietary restrictions), I listen to stories of days that have passed and important events in their lives.  I have held hands and received the most heartfelt hugs of appreciation.  Even a 15 minute visit and a smile can brighten someone’s day, and I would encourage anyone who is even curious about giving the gift of your time and wanting to go on a life changing soul enriching journey to volunteer at Grane Hospice to contact Jess. 


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