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Lent is for Everyone!

By Keith A. Searfoss, Director of Chaplain Services, Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor


Have you noticed restaurants that do not normally have fish as a menu item now suddenly have them for a “limited time”? Or, the places that do carry these options increase their advertising for them? What could this mean?

Well, my friends, it means Lent is almost here. Tomorrow, February 25th, starts the Lent tradition with Fat Tuesday and, here in Pennsylvania, starts the tradition of Fausnaughts. 

Lent: An Observation for All

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, religious or non-religious, Lent is for everyone, and I don’t mean just for fish.

Lent is a time for all because:

      • It may be a time when your New Year’s resolution does not go as planned and Lent could be your second chance for a better you.
      • It may be a time to remember your grief, meaning, this is the time to give yourself the time to grieve properly.
      • There is a time during Lent to allow forgiveness; maybe you are holding onto bitterness for someone that hurt you, and this may be the opportunity to let it go.
      • Lent can also be a time for fasting; this action tests your willingness to give up something you love, or a luxury you enjoy. Lent can test how tough you really can be.

The Lenten season is a time of sacrifice; studies have shown Lenten season is beneficial for the soul and spirit. Sacrafice expands us internally and allows the body and brain some much-needed time off. 

So, no matter what your religion or internal belief system you follow, Lent is a season for us all. It is a time when we can reflect upon ourselves and to re-shape ourselves for the future.


Lent – will you at least think about it? 

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