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Meet Grane Staff: Bryce Stone, Chaplain

“I chose to work in the hospice field originally because I needed a job. When I first entered the field, I had a degree in Christian ministries and recently left a couple jobs that were poor fits. It wasn’t long before someone told me that a local hospice had a chaplain opening and I was encouraged to apply. After the interview, I was surprised to actually receive a job offer, but I accepted with little expectation that this would actually be what I was looking for.

On my first day, I met another chaplain at the company who told me the emotional and spiritual burden can be so significant that I would likely have a mental break down and feel like I couldn’t do it anymore. However, I quickly realized how amazing it is to be a part of such a sacred opportunity having been almost 10 years and I still haven’t had that break down or crisis. While I initially chose it in part for the paycheck, I keep choosing hospice every day because of how incredible it is to care for our patients and work with amazing people.

I love stories and every day I get to hear more of them from our patients and my coworkers. The stories I hear might be big ones about a person’s life journey, or how they were thrown a curveball by an accident on the way to work. I love seeing people’s faces light up when they share something that excites them. In doing so, they are sharing their lives and themselves with me. I get that privilege every day! On top of that, I am able to play a role in the journeys of others and, if I’m lucky, I’ll be a part of their future stories. Even if I’m not, I have front row seats to see the positive impact my entire team has on patients, families, and each other. I could tell stories about everyone on the team and how someone’s life was changed because of them. That is something special that makes me chose Grane Hospice every day because there’s nowhere else like this.”

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