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Hospice During the Holidays

By Grane Hospice Care Staff

The Holidays can be a particularly challenging time when you have a loved one with a terminal illness.  With all of the celebrating that is going on around, it can be hard to feel joyous.  Hospice can help.  Admitting your loved one to hospice care will help ensure that they are given the comfort care they need through the Hospice Team.  


The goal of Hospice is to provide life affirming support to live as comfortably as possible recognizing that the quality of life becomes more of the focus than the quantity of life.  Care can be provided in the patient’s home, personal care, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.  Your family can rest a little easier knowing that Hospice can share in the responsibility of caring for your loved one.


When your loved one is not able to be home during the holidays, Hospice can work together with the facility they are in and with the family to ensure that they will be able to celebrate their respective holidays.  While providing comfort care for your loved one’s illness, Hospice will also provide spiritual and emotional care, as well as social engagement.  They will work together to determine what the most meaningful way to assist the patient and family to celebrate special moments during the holiday season.


As you enter this Holiday Season with the knowledge that your loved one is needing special care and comfort, know that you are not alone.  The Grane Hospice Team will walk with you step by step, providing support for your loved one and your family as well.

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