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Our Mission, Vision & Culture

Become a part of a diverse and inclusive team with Grane Hospice.

Be Part of Our Mission

Grane Hospice is comprised of a nurse-led leadership team, making patient safety and satisfaction a top priority. Our work is vital to the health of our patients, and we aim to address every need or concern by delivering comfortable, pain-free care when a loved one faces a terminal illness. In addition, we provide support to all members of the care process, including family members, friends, and caregivers.

See Our Vision

We strive to be the best hospice provider by giving the gift of quality time—allowing loved ones to be close to home and close to your heart. Hospice care aims to help patients live their final days to the fullest by minimizing disabling pain and mental anguish while giving them the opportunity to reflect and cherish their memories with loved ones.

Feel Our Culture

The culture and tone set at Grane Hospice represents our main focus. We believe work-life balance, continuing opportunities for advancement, and a positive atmosphere in the workplace are important keys to success. We recognize that our staff and medical providers are instrumental to our care and that communication is the key to ensuring a collaborative team approach to care.

Our Collaborative Team Approach to Care

The focus on maintaining a collaborative, team-oriented approach to hospice care is paramount, including medical, social, spiritual, and emotional. In our approach, we guide patients and their families through this difficult time and assure them of their feelings, wants, and needs. As a member of the Grane Hospice team, you will have the opportunity to deliver individually focused care plans to meet the patient’s preferences and needs under the umbrella of your experienced care team.

Hospice care at Grane Hospice provides a whole team, for the whole person, for the whole family. We offer care at a patient’s home, family member’s home, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, or at the place the patient calls home.

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