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Coping with Grief on Valentines Day

Each year, many people look forward to traditional romantic gestures such as dinners, flowers, and chocolates to share with their Valentine. For many others, however, February 14th can be a painful reminder of the grief they feel after losing a loved one.

There is no escaping the fact that Valentine’s Day will not be the same without your Valentine, but as difficult as it may be, you can find a way to embrace this tradition.

Honor their memory.

It is okay to think about them on Valentine’s Day, and it is okay to be sad that they are not here with you. You can still celebrate their memory and the love you shared by starting a new tradition of Valentines Day:

  • Lighting a candle in their honor
  • Listening to their favorite song
  • Making their favorite meal
  • Writing them a letter

Reach out to others who also may be having a difficult time.

You do not need to spend this holiday alone. Maybe you know someone else who has lost a loved one and may be having a difficult time as well. Let them know you are thinking of them by a call on the phone or by sending them a Valentine’s Day card.

Talk with friends and family.

Call family members or friends for support. Do not be afraid to let them know you are having a tough time. By confiding in them to get their support, they will understand and will want to be there for you in any way they can.

Take time to reflect.

Although talking with others will be helpful, it is also important to take time to yourself. Think of your loved one. Think of the days spent with them. Think of all of the memories you created with them over the years.

Although this Valentine’s Day may be difficult and you will always miss your loved one, these new traditions will make it easier over time. Those memories that may be painful to think about now will one day make you smile again. So try your best to embrace this new version of Valentine’s Day, and always remember – you are loved!

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