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Home Health Services

Recovering from any kind of illness or hospital stay is a journey of small steps forward, day by day. 

Our Home Health Services

Grane Home Health is an important part of the journey for many people. Our specialists, nurses, and therapists follow the Golden Rule to help patients rehabilitate and recover from the comfort of their own home. We treat everyone the wat we would want to be treated. We work closely with primary care physicians to coordinate every step of the journey toward recovery and feeling healthy again. Home health care helps patients:

  • Recovery in a safe, comfortable environment – the home
  • Recover more completely, with fewer setbacks
  • Reduce hospital readmissions 
  • Regain independence 

Specialty Services

In addition, our comprehensive home health services offer a variety of specialty programs. These programs were designed to address the needs of patients with chronic or high-risk illnesses or who are recovering from some surgeries. Specialty program goals include preventing complications, reducing re-hospitalizations, and improving overall outcomes. Specialty program staff has the tools and expertise to provide state-of-the-art care to patients with identified disease states. Our programs include:

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